What moves me so passionately to birth it into artform is how organic forms taken from Nature and ocean life create deep impressions in me, start a dialogue within and actually structure my personal visual conversation. With 30 years of visual exploration and creative research behind me, I have adopted a free and open-ended approach to create as my guide while valuing classical criterions of Fine Art.

I simply allow the creative impulse to define the path and bring it to completion, that is, to mature the transmission capacity of the form of the effects of Nature. For me, it is all about the impression that Nature leaves. The form conveys the quality of the artistic message. Every painting becomes a resource for immense possibilities. Paintings emerge from previous ones each hinting for the existence of a new beginning. A series of paintings show organic thinking, and the creative process offers a joyful adventure that draws me more deeply into an answer. This spontaneity of expressions offers a final result that is always surprising and different than what I had envisioned. Yet it is never the final response. The dialogue between me and my creation is on-going, and finds its expressions not only through painting, also in calligraphy and in hand made glass works. 


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